12/14/2013 - Christmas at Brookfield Zoo

 Boogie went to the zoo to see the Christmas lights again this year.

11/21/2013 - HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!

Boogie turns 5 today!

10/31/2013 - Pumpkins!

Here are some pictures of pumpkins & Halloween costumes this year.


  Our Brookelyn had come down with a cough recently and it had progressed to the point of going to see the doctor. While at the doctor office they took a listen to her chest and we were soon getting in the ambulance and in route to Silver Cross Hospital. They had to send us to Silver Cross because she was in respiratory distress. They had to get her stabilized there and get an IV set in place. They had a very hard time getting the IV line in as they usually do, but all and all they got it in and some x-rays taken and then we where on the way to our home away from home, Loyola. Once we were there they got us set up in the PICU and all hooked up to the monitors and started her on antibiotics. She had a hard time getting her oxygen to saturate well and we ended up being admitted for about two weeks. When we were discharged they got us a vest that helps with giving her CPT. It is called The Vest Airway Clearance System. It is a machine the very rapidly moves air in and out of the vest and helps shake all the secretions out of her lungs. It has been working well so far since being out of the hospital. It makes giving her CPT a lot more effective and a lot easier.

1/4/2013 :)

  Happy new years to everyone from all of us! Now time for the big news! Today is the day we finally got to come home 3 years ago! It is hard to believe we have been home for three years. There isn't a lot to update on, Brookelyn has been pretty stable and kept out of the hospital or the doctor office. She did have her general surgeon move to Central Dupage Hospital recently. We went for our first appointment there to get her tubes changed a few weeks back. It was a very nice hospital and a lot better than we expected with the trouble we had when we got sent there from Marian Joy on Fathers Day when Brookelyn was in rehab. Other than that not much new. Brookelyn is going to be getting a kidney ultrasound to see how her kidney reflux is doing in March. We have been working on rewriting the website so there hasn't been much to add with trying to do that although we will try and get some more pictures up. We have also been looking into a photo album that is more smartphone friendly to post them up.

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